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The new Obama 2012 healthcare plan has a hidden law permitting the rfid chip to be embedded into the new healthcare plans healthcare cards of U.S. citizens

Life Style / Kingdom of God Postado de: Salt Lake City / Utah 30/04/2012 - 09:55 | Views: 38044
The new Obama 2012 healthcare plan has a hidden law permitting the rfid chip to be embedded into the new healthcare plans healthcare cards of U.S. citizens

The new Obama 2012 healthcare plan has a hidden law permitting the rfid chip to be embedded into the new healthcare plans healthcare cards of U.S. citizens. Reasons and descriptions are provided with many warnings and side effects to the human mind and body, in which this device causes much damage and control without one's consent of the rfid chip device. The RFID chip device is a componant consisting of three connectors which activate the device with radio controlled frequency waves which can be read, controlled, and transferred with information within one's body, mind, also satellite and computer networks and files. This device can be controlled and it can be turned on or off.

These three componants are: Microchip (ID chip), capasitor, and antenna (Reader and transmitter). If freedom is the right of all Sentient beings why is the government trying to take away this right? The answer is “control”. If they can monitor every aspect of your life they eventually control you. If they can control everything in your life you can’t be disobedient. But how can “they” do this. Well, now, in our modern world, the answer is simple. Human biochip implants or micro-chipping.

It first started back in 1983 and it was used for monitoring fisheries. Today, the biochip implant is used in over 300 zoos, over 80 government agencies in at least 20 countries, pets, electronic horse branding, monitoring lab animals, endangered wildlife, automobiles, etc. and from 2004 including HUMANS.  VeriChip is the first human biochip implant approved by the FDA. VeriChip is a human-implantable radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip. Today VeriChip microchip implants company is known today as PositiveID (PSID).

VeriChip - The human biochip implant: What is the VeriChip RFID implant used for? Biochip implants were created for identity verification for instance, for people with Alzheimer disease or for tracking children. If they had an implanted biochip, with a simple scan of their hand identification data could be retrieved and even medical records. So, this sounds good. Then what is the problem?

The problem arises when it comes to privacy. Many privacy advocates protested that this is a warning for potential abuse and if used by the governments it could lead to an increased loss of civil liberties and freedom. Also, replacing the cash and credit cards by the VeriChip human biochip was a very debated subject. So, theoretically, if you do not want to get micro-chipped you won’t be able to buy or sell anything. How’s that?

Another problem with the human-implantable RFID microchip is the security. Anyone who will have a VeriChip reader will be able to read your implant because the data is unencrypted. Also, the VeriChip cannot be set up to let only authorized people to read it. With the monitoring technologies available these days and with the help of the human biochip implant, is it unrealistic that the government will be watching you?

Do you think these things will happen in the future? Don’t. Human micro-chipping is currently in progress. Some employers have already made the VeriChip mandatory for their employees. Millions of military personnel around the world have been micro-chipped for “security reasons”. Millions of domestic animals have been micro-chipped for “security reasons”. Countless thousands of innocent civilians have been covertly micro-chipped against their will by their government during routine operations for “security reasons”. Fundamentalist politicians and government representatives are increasingly suggesting that all the prisoners should be micro-chipped for “security reasons”. The same “Mindless Fundamentalists” are suggesting that laws must be implement enforcing the mandatory micro-chipping of all new-born babies… for the same damn “security reasons”.

This highly advanced technology called the RFID chip or tag is capable of functioning in many ways that is being kept secret from many innocent victims. This technology has the capacity to resonate at a low frequency. The rfid chip can be turned on or turned off when in use or not. The effects of this device includes these severe side effects:
Cancerous tumors in lab rats, adopted animals that have been RFID chipped. Proven facts and information released with evidence of painful lesions and sores and cancer results were found.Research, evidence, proof of all these descriptions are spoken in all honesty and truth and it must be released to the public for their own knowledge and safety.

How to disable and or remove a RFID chip from a credit card:
1. You can disable the RFID chip by microwaving the credit card in the microwave. This fries the chip and destroys the chips transmitter and componants.
2. You can puncture the RFID chip by using a knife or sharp object, but then you would have to completely destroy it and the only recommendation is to “kill” the device by burning it, this disables it and then you can remove it or leave it.
3.You can just simply cut it out and totally remove it from the card and puncture the RFID chip and throw it away. Kill it and then throw it away.

How to disable and or remove a RFID chip from a Passport: Microwave the RFID chip. Dig it out and remove it and destroy it. The government has made this a difficult and challenging maneaver but you know what is best. TIP: The Obama Healthcare plan will have the RFID chip in the healthcare cards. This is a hidden law within this program and I am here to expose the evil and manipulations behind the RFID agendas and technologies on this human race. Seek the truth and ye shall find it. I shall not give up my freedom, my mind, my body or my soul to this rfid chip. I will be equiped with the high intellience of the rfid chip and its componants and how it functions. We as human beings resonate at our own frequencies and with the rfid chip, it will send out these radio-controlled- frequency waves of control, manipulation of your frequencies.

Be warned because it is here and it is coming real fast so do not let the rfid chip/spy/chip be in your life, your home, in your body, or even feet away. Think again because this little S.O.B is the ultimate reciever and transmitter of evil and even disease but most of all mind control frequency device.

The ultimate deciever and ultimate spychip of big brother and advanced surveilance and mind control. The ultimate manipulator is the RFID chip! Let us over throw this technology and stand with our freedoms as a human being and as a group. Let our light shine and knowledge and voices be heard all over the world.

BE WARNED AND BE INTELLIGENT BECAUSE IT IS YOUR CHOICE. Think before you submit yourself and your freedoms to the rfid chip technologies. It is in the adopted (state mandated rfid chip adopted animals) groceries, airport scanners, products, electronic devices, new cars, passports, credit cards, vaccines,altzeimers patients, illegal aliens, new born babies in hospitals, and in the new healthcare card Obama plan!

The rfid chips are already in so many products and the real question is Are you a product? If you have ithe rfid chip in a passport, credit card, electronic device, cell phone, car, adopted animals, airport scanners, and or products do you think it can effect you by being feet away or inches away from your physical body and your mind?

Think again! The RFID chip can send radio controlled frequency waves feet away from you. This is a powerful device and people need to be informed of its technology and capabilties. We can fight against the rfid chip technology and manipulations of our government and their spy chips and control over us as a human race. Speak up and let your voice be heard. By Stop New World Order

Write by: Jornal Americano Gratuito
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11/08/2012 - 19:47
Where are "OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!" Sounds like a science fiction movie putting a chip into humans. Did GOD give obama the "RIGHT" to play GOD with the human body that "HE" created, "NOT" "obama?"


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